An Exciting TeamWorks Project

Learned advanced cross-compatibility infrastructure between Oculus and HTC Vive headsets, how to create complex object states and interactions, and manage advanced particle systems including submitters.

2 Weeks to Build

The Story

Soon after beginning their VR Nanodegree curriculum, they offered a side project named TeamWorks, where students of the program can work with others of the program to build a project around the theme of color. I was paired with some great individuals, all with varying experience in developing for VR and we ended up creating a fireworks game where users picked shot colored fireworks at targets in their playspace.

I was a programmer on the project responsible for creating the actual game mechanics, game environment, target interactions, and coding sound triggers, and controlling the states of the fireworks. The project turned out to be lots of fun, and ended up being showcased on Udacity’s TeamWorks page. Here are some real comments about my work on the project:

Testimonials Of My Work:

“You had great ideas & enthusiasm. You made a huge contribution to the game with the code you wrote plus the game and environment design – fantastic!”

“You were so great to work with not only because of the great work you produced, but also because you were such an enthusiastic member of the team. It was a pleasure working with you.”