An Intense, Interesting Wave Shooter

Learned how to turn a simple concept into a commercial project. Programmed multiple classes of weapons, upgrades, player systems,  and enemy AI. Designed all environments, UI/UX, and VR-VFX. Conducted multiple user tests to create effective UI, haptic feedback, and to perfect game feel.

1.5 months to build

Jan 18 – Current

The Story

Neon Bullet is an intense VR wave shooter set in an 80’s inspired apocalypse. Bullets are your currency as you fight 10 challenging rounds of enemies, unlocks weapons, and upgrade your character.

Neon Bullet started as a simple concept that snowballed into a project that forced me to think critically about how to market a product for commercial consumer use, and how to streamline user feedback.

The project recently placed as a finalist at the MassDigi ’18 Game Challenge, where the project was judged by industry experts on my gameplay, originality, and a business strategy.

Real Testimonials

“This game is fantastic. Everything from the challenging gameplay to the sound design brings you into this immersive trance that is hard to shake”

“This is what content should look like for VR. Extremely fun, definitely replayable, and just absolutely magical”

“The greatest VR babysitter. My kids have played your game for hours, and it only took you a month and a half to make? Impressive.”