What Will the Future of

Pitch Decks Look Like?

2D presentations are a natural result of our information being formatted on a plan (i.e., text, images, videos). However, VR gives depth to the 3D forms of information such as models, interactive graphs, and environments.

We are leveraging both VR as a medium and 3D forms of information to make PitchMastVR the future of how we share and present ideas.

You can follow our development process on our Github page or follow our development team on Twitter.

Leveraging 3D Information

After seeing countless pitches and presentations that glorify the advances of modern technology, I asked myself why the presentation of these futuristic ideas lived in a format that I’ve seen since my 3rd-grade science project.

This was the thought process behind the development of PitchMastVR. To create a better way of sharing and presenting ideas.

Although still in the infancy-stage of development, PitchMastVR allows anyone to convert existing PDFs into a VR canvas, draw on slides or in 3D space, and allow up to 10 people to join in the VR space.